Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance Overview

Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance for patients in Greenville, South Carolina

Tired of being sent to the couch to sleep, because your snoring is too loud? Embarrassed that your new husband makes fun of your snoring? Sleep apnea dentist greenville specialists at Dental Sleep Medicine of Greenville can help you if you suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea definitely causes embarrassment for some, discomfort for others, and becomes trying to relationships for still others. sleep apnea dentist greenville

When we go to sleep, most of us like to lie down to enjoy better comfort. The problem arises when the airways get shunted off because we are lying down. Now, you may be thinking, “But not everyone has sleep apnea”. You are absolutely right.

The issue arises where people’s individual anatomy and physiology cause conflicts. For instance, maybe they have a deviated septum, so their nostrils get blocked up when they lie down. Even worse is that if they are a nose-breather and this happens.

For one, that causes them to gasp for air at regular intervals while sleeping. Normally, the body is pretty good at adapting to situations. That means that the individual may start breathing through their mouth as well.

Now, if they have additional issues, such as being overweight or having other physiological issues that block their throat partially or fully then they are going to gasp for air and have trouble breathing. As a result, they can starve their heart of oxygen, and they may die of a heart attack.

Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance
Fortunately, there are many ways to open up airways to ensure that the individual can breathe, and stop snoring while sleeping. Sleep apnea dental appliance products are not only for the rich who have the financial luxury to go to many orthodontic and sleep specialists to be fitted for a custom-made nose guard or mouth guard.

Solutions To Sleep Apnea
These days, there are products for every budget. The general idea in life, and even with a matter of life and death like this one is to start with the lowest-cost options first.

For instance, say you are snoring and getting sent to the couch. You do not know if you are having trouble breathing through your mouth or nose. Go ahead and go to the local drug store or pharmacy. They will have very inexpensive products that will adhere to the nostrils to keep them open. In addition, you can even buy mouth guards that prevent your teeth from gnashing down and closing your throat.

You may find that a simple pack of nostril “openers” called Sleep Apnea Therapy that sticks on and open airways. They do have a sizeable price tag, but it gets past the problem of bulky machinery. The starter kit is $65, with 20 night supply running $22 and 90-day supply $195.

What About CPAP Machines?
Well, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a machine that has a face mask to force air into the body’s airways. This is a very popular way to ensure that people who snore are able to breathe fully when they sleep. It is the antidote to airway problems that result in sleep apnea.

Though, many people find them uncomfortable. And, there are additional concerns that they develop life-threatening bacteria too easily. There are no-mask solutions that cost $200 as well. Though, not everyone can get a good night’s sleep with any apparatus.

SnoreRx and other mouth guards aim to open up the mouth. Again, to see if this may be an appropriate solution, check out the big box stores and buy and over-the-counter mouth guard for $15 before making any big investments.

That rounds out the sleep apnea dental appliance overview. See what works for you and your lifestyle. It’s all about personal choice and what works for you. Visit sleep apnea dentist greenville specialist Dr. Leor Lindner at 40 pointe cir Greenville,sc 29615 or call 864-909-2672